Marian Marin –The influence of global and regional geo-climatic change upon sustainable development in Dobrogea Region, (GLOBE),CNMP PN II Partnerships, director from Bucharest University.

Marian Marin Evaluation of landscape dynamicthrough the use of sequentiale analysis comparative (SGIS), in Carasu Corridor and Danube -Black Sea Channel, NCSRHE, director.

Elena Matei – Sustainable socio-economic development of the Romanian small towns, between their potential and local communities needs, NCSRHE (PNII-CNCSIS), director.

Elena Matei – Promotion of Valenii de Munte resort. Romania Govern, City Hall Valenii de Munte, Prahova County Hall, RNG Fundation  (

Vasile Popa –  Project POSTDRU/57/1.3/S/26646 “Continous training,  blended learning for academic staff (BLU)”, FSE 2007-2013, coordinator for Faculty of Geography, Bucharest University.

Laura Tîrlă –  Geomorphological risc management in Vâlcea Subcarpathians, with focusing on processes and related phenomena in Olăneşti River basin, Young Researcher, NCSRHE (TD-CNCSIS), director.

Iuliana Vijulie – Rural landscape dynamic in Boian Plain, Young Researcher, NCSRHE (TD-CNCSIS), director.